Some More Fun Artefactum Things

Just a few more links of some things happening on the ol’ internet machine…. A short interview on Indie Reader Review from Self-Publishing Review (4.5 Stars) And a Silver Medal win in SciFi at The BookFest Spring 2023 Awards!

Artefactum Editorial Reviews

The reviews are in and so far they’re very, very positive. Here’s a selection of what’s available online so far: Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review) Foreword Reviews (4 stars) IndieReader (4 stars, IR Approved) Readers’ Favorite (5 Stars) Bestseller’s World Still to come: Independent Book Review, BookLife, BlueInk, and Self-Publishing Review

Fear and Loathing in Boston

For those just tuning in, I’m currently in Boston slinging books at my first ever Comic Con. Because I’m the pushiest pushover that ever lived, all it took was a single text from my ‘Detail: Nowhere’ co-creator, Jon Lewis, asking if I wanted to go to Boston for Comic Con and, oh look, I’m selling […]

June 16th

First of all, hello to anyone that went to MegaCon over the weekend and was kind enough to purchase a copy of Detail: Nowhere or A Recipe for Doom. You’re all super fly hooman beings for purchasing an unknown, indie comic from a couple of amateur idiots with aspirations of being professional idiots. So many […]

Summer of Love, err, Doom

After a year and a half of work, ‘Artefactum’ is finally done. Well, just the first draft, so, not really. Shut up. ThisĀ novel had a very strange journey to completion. Because I was simultaneously working on other projects – A Recipe for Doom (comic), Detail: Nowhere (comic), A Fairy Tale (short film), this new website, […]

Detail: Almost Somewhere

So, as you may have noticed, Detail: Nowhere #1 isn’t done by March as JonĀ and I planned. Unfortunately, his real job that pays his actual bills has had him working grueling overnight hours which is obviously very draining on the creative process. I’m certainly not throwing him under the bus here, but this is just […]

Twenty Seventeen

Not much in the news right now, but here’s what’s happening: I accomplished my main goal for the end of 2016 which was to finish Chapter 5 of ‘Artefactum’. It was a beast of a chapter and I think I’m around 70k words with half of the story still to go. And here, this will […]

Artefactum is going to kill me

This book hates me. This book despises me. This book wants to see me dead in a gutter like an ex-girlfriend who caught me cheating on her with her sister. And her mother. At the same time. Apparently this book is episode of The O.C. Here’s the skinny: I’m a little over 40% done with […]

Detail: Nowhere & Other Nothings

Hello, children! So, this summer was a huge bust for me, in terms of having a life. Long story short, I worked way too much and did little to nothing else. The good news is, I quit my job. The bad news is, I’m traveling for 6 weeks and so the writing hasn’t exactly ramped […]