Twenty Seventeen

Not much in the news right now, but here’s what’s happening: I accomplished my main goal for the end of 2016 which was to finish Chapter 5 of ‘Artefactum’. It was a beast of a chapter and I think I’m around 70k words with half of the story still to go. And here, this will […]

Artefactum is going to kill me

This book hates me. This book despises me. This book wants to see me dead in a gutter like an ex-girlfriend who caught me cheating on her with her sister. And her mother. At the same time. Apparently this book is episode of The O.C. Here’s the skinny: I’m a little over 40% done with […]

Detail: Nowhere & Other Nothings

Hello, children! So, this summer was a huge bust for me, in terms of having a life. Long story short, I worked way too much and did little to nothing else. The good news is, I quit my job. The bad news is, I’m traveling for 6 weeks and so the writing hasn’t exactly ramped […]

I Hate This Place

That sums up how I feel most of the time, pretty much wherever I am. So, I recently moved into my own apartment. It’s been great, but it literally sucked about 6 weeks out of my life. I did absolutely nothing for a long time except buy furniture, work, and contemplate suicide. BUT, things are […]

Goings On

Goings on. There a lot of them. In no particular order: I’ve built myself this new website. Spiffy, no? “A Kind of Drug” is currently going through a massive professional edit that is maybe the most cumbersome and detailed endeavor I’ve ever taken on in my life. Until it’s complete, it will no longer be […]