Goings On

Goings on. There a lot of them. In no particular order:

  1. I’ve built myself this new website. Spiffy, no?
  2. “A Kind of Drug” is currently going through a massive professional edit that is maybe the most cumbersome and detailed endeavor I’ve ever taken on in my life. Until it’s complete, it will no longer be available for sale.Hopefully it should be available again in about 2 months (mid-June).
  3. “A Study in Bourbon” is currently going through a similar phase of it’s life, but will also have my last story ‘Fuck You, J.E. Tobal’ included within its covers. Again, it too will not be available until then. More than likely, I’ll relaunch both books together at the same time.
  4. “Artefactum” is still slowly underway with about 30k words written so far. It’s development over the last few months was slowed due to….
  5. “A Fairy Tale” is a short, 3-minute film I wrote for a film competition. More info for it can be found under the Films page at the top of the site.
  6. “Lord Rupert Evergreen Presents: A Recipe…For Doom!” is the 26-page comic book project written by myself and illustrated by Jon Lewis of Jon Lewis Draws Things. This will contain our story ‘Then They’ll Sleep’ from the “A Clock Strikes Spooky” anthology that fell through last year as well as lots of other material from the both of us. It will also both include & conclude with the prequel short story for…
  7. “Detail: Nowhere,” the full length comic project Jon & I be working on together later this year. It will be a humorous science fiction comic much in the vein of the new cartoon Rick & Morty.

As any of the above projects are completed, links to  the various places on the web where they can be purchased.

I’m gonna go drink now.

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