Detail: Nowhere & Other Nothings

Hello, children! So, this summer was a huge bust for me, in terms of having a life. Long story short, I worked way too much and did little to nothing else. The good news is, I quit my job. The bad news is, I’m traveling for 6 weeks and so the writing hasn’t exactly ramped back up yet.

HOWEVER, I have finished writing and editing the first 15 pages of script for Detail: Nowhere #1. If you don’t know what Detail: Nowhere is, head on over to the Comics Tab and scroll to the bottom. How I have it currently mapped out, Detail: Nowhere will run for about 5 issues of the standard 22-page length. The first issue will be a little longer, however, probably in the 28-page range. My friend and artist Jon Lewis currently has the first 15 pages so he can begin the art. I’ll finish at least the first issue so he can focus on that while I go back to…..

Artefactum. This project does still exist. I’ve currently finished the first 3 chapters and have done the paper edits, but haven’t transcribed those to digital yet. The book is mapped out to be 10 chapters, so I still have a ways to go. I’m hoping I can be done by next summer. The reason for the distant completion date is that I’ll still be writing the other 4 issues of Detail: Nowhere whilst writing Artefactum, so I’m giving myself LOTS of space.

I also need to do a lot of maintenance with my online presence and that’s what I’ll be doing a lot of while sitting in various airport Chili’s drinking margaritas and using their WiFi. I’ll make occasional updates on how that progress is going.

Until then, send fruit.

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