Fear and Loathing in Boston

For those just tuning in, I’m currently in Boston slinging books at my first ever Comic Con. Because I’m the pushiest pushover that ever lived, all it took was a single text from my ‘Detail: Nowhere’ co-creator, Jon Lewis, asking if I wanted to go to Boston for Comic Con and, oh look, I’m selling books at a Con. Here’s a couple of things you should know about me:

  1. I really do drink as much as it seems. My mug that says, “This is most likely bourbon” isn’t a lie.
  2. Detail: Nowhere #2 will be done in November. It is a miniseries/ongoing series. This series will be 5 issues, but we plan on creating additional miniseries’s as long as people keep buying ’em.
  3. If you come to our table and argue with Jon for at least five minutes about how much the Batman vs Superman movie sucks, I’ll give you a book for free. Offer is not retroactive (you can’t buy a book, then argue with him, then ask for your money back).
  4. I’ve never seen any of the Godfather movies.
  5. I am New Yorker, but I don’t care about sports. Don’t argue with me about the Red Sox. I’ll just make monkey noises at you and run away.

So, thanks for the support, and I’ll see you all in hell.

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