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Detail: Nowhere

Issue #1


Being of the misadventures of the moronic human, Ott, and his AI robot partner, B4ht, as they patrol the most boring sector of the galaxy for the LsPD. A five-issue miniseries to be released periodically in 2017-2018.

Issue #1 – After his partner is accidentally killed in action, sentient AI police robot, B4HT replaces him with the alien he found on a nearby moon: complete idiot and former football star Rob Ott. Together they return to the LsPD headquarters and discover that they’re now in charge of policing the most boring, backwater sector of the galaxy: Ours.

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Lord Rupert Evergreen Presents: A Recipe…For Doom!


In 2015, a very old friend of mine named Jon Lewis (of the world-famous Jon Lewis Draws Things) was asked to participate in a forty page comic anthology to be titled “The Clock Strikes Spooky”. He was asked to draw an eight-page comic and so he called me up and asked me to write it. I did. He drew it. We titled it ‘Then They’ll Sleep’. Promptly after that, the anthology project fell apart.

So, Jon and I metaphorically said, “Fuck it” and we created our own anthology. Using that story and one other he had drawn, we went and created our own 32-page anthology narrated by one glorious anthropomorphic, whiskey-loving skull named Lord Rupert Evergreen.

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