A Fairy Tale

Once a year, in the small village of Astoria, Queens (neighborhood in New York City; population 150,000) a little bar called Sparrow holds a short film competition. They hand out “assignments” and then you (and your team) have three weeks to create a three minute short film. In March of 2016, I competed and wrote a film entitled, “A Fairy Tale”. My requirements were to have: (1) A protagonist seeking fame, (2) a plot device involving redheads having no souls, and (3) a total of exactly 13 characters.

Wrap your heads around this one, folks, but I wrote a 3-minute sex joke with a lot of cursing.

‘A Fairy Tale’ won no awards at the 2016 Sparrow Film Project, but was nodded for an Honorable Mention. It is also currently the #2 most highly watched film of the 2016 season out of 65 total films.

For more information on the contest, visit the Sparrow Film Project Website.