Detail: Almost Somewhere

So, as you may have noticed, Detail: Nowhere #1 isn’t done by March as Jon and I planned. Unfortunately, his real job that pays his actual bills has had him working grueling overnight hours which is obviously very draining on the creative process. I’m certainly not throwing him under the bus here, but this is just the reality of the situation when you’re creating things that are a labor of love and not a guaranteed income. But hes still trudging away and regularly posting updates on his Instagram when he has updates to post. We’re in regular contact and I’m very happy with the work he’s producing and am confident we’ll have a comic that will actually make you laugh out loud. Currently, I’m looking into getting a booth NYCC (which is far from a definite thing since everyone wants a booth at NYCC) and so we’ll obviously have the first issue done by then. Hopefully, I’ll have better news to come.

As for now, I go back and dive into Chapter 8 of ‘Artefactum tonight.

This book is going to kill me.

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