June 16th

First of all, hello to anyone that went to MegaCon over the weekend and was kind enough to purchase a copy of Detail: Nowhere or A Recipe for Doom. You’re all super fly hooman beings for purchasing an unknown, indie comic from a couple of amateur idiots with aspirations of being professional idiots. So many thanks and I hope you enjoy my infantile sense of humor.

With that said, Detail: Nowhere #1 is finally done! Woo! Unfortunately, Jon Lewis did a super small print run, just enough to be able to sell them at MegaCon. So, technically, it’s currently sold out. I’m in the process of printing a much larger (and cheaper) batch that we should receive in the next week or two. This means the official release date of the comic will be Friday, June 16th. I am currently in the process of setting up a seller account on Amazon, but it takes time for them to process and accept everything. The comic will cost $6 and is 28 pages and full color. I hope to also make it available for download via Comixology but that’s also a lot of work and processing and blah blah blah.

Detail: Nowhere #2 will (hopefully) be done in October.

Artefactum is also done. Woo! I’ve finished editing it and am currently formatting it and all that fun stuff. This means that, just like Detail: Nowhere, it’s official release date will be Friday, June 16th. It is considerably longer than Detail: Nowhere (obviously) at 155,000 words which translates to about 525 pages. I’m still working on the physical price tag, but it will be somewhere around $16 with a digital copy costing $8.

If you want to get a head start, you can read the first chapter of Artefactum for FREE right now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. There will be a version available on iBooks/iTunes soon, but Apple takes way longer to process and approve everything.

See you all in a couple weeks!

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